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Exquisite Corpse II (2014) is a collaborative wearable art piece that I co-coordinated and worked on with artist/designer Emily Hagen.

Exquisite Corpse is a cross country experiment linking together fine art and fashion. The experiment explores the stream of consciousness of six artists working individually to create one finished wearable art piece without knowing a defined outcome. No communication between participating artists has been allowed during the process. Six artists were assembled, one group of three to manipulate textiles; a second group of three to create 3-dimensional wearable pieces for a specific segment of the body. Neither group knows who they are paired with or who the other participating artists are. Each artists was asked to consider the laws of chance or undermining traditional convention when beginning the project. The completed segments will be displayed together on a mannequin along with a narrative explaining the history of exquisite corpse and the basis of the experiment.

Exquisite Corpse II (2014) features textile work by Kevin Krueger, Norakiera Heiser, and Patrick Molyneaux. Christina LaSala, Emily Pierdinock-Hagen, and Matt Pedersen created 3-dimensional wearable pieces for a specific segment of the body.

Exquisite Corpse II, Ensemble 1, skirt detail
Fabric paint & marker on fabric